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Chapter III

We walked into my house. No one was there. We went into my bedroom. James began to undress his pants

-You Too baby

- I?
- Yes you are. Do you see anyone else?
- No.

-It So.
-Well Lord.
I was extremely horny. I began to grope me started kissing him he hugged me and we started having sex. When I put into pants Rose went into the house.
-O Get up sleepyhead
Yeah but I'm not alone
-A With whom?
-James Be fumbling in the room.
Rose began to look at me strangely.

-And That's changing?
Bo invited me to dinner.
-I Therefore?
-Wylała At each sauce and borrowed my stuff.
If she knew what was going on. And so the first Diana finds out that I did with James. He began to cry out of the room:
-Lucas Who came?



To get out of this awkward situation told Rose that I was going to brew coffee. She went to her room. I went to James. I talked with him a little and he had to go to the club. How to go out in the entrance face of Diana.

Hey steaming cup of coffee you want?

-O So willingly so.

James left. Doparzyłem another coffee for Diana. After drinking went to the room and the girls stopped me.

-Hey You even remember about us?

-No So

-I Think not all the time you are with James and smack us.

-I Do not think about the demon odwalcie! And as you do. Do not you remember you were never with me you were the same and had their secrets as I know the forehead then what?!

Yeah it was a long time ago you are a fagot idiot pamiętliwym

-And You what sluts. Well what you challenging me lezbo Pitera and remember how you used it and then broke up with him because you said that you are gay and what passed, and then you end because I did not like you never had his own opinion with you Rose never wanted to stay with you were burning, ćpałaś , Were you drinking

-James Has a bad influence on you. And you do not like smoked and can not remember how you wanted to be with me what!

-Then You were normal. You know what zmieniłyście up.

-Not That you have changed.

-I Was always the other. Screw you

I went and locked myself in my room I started writing with my ex. It was early evening was boredom. Twittowałem about just anything and quarrel with Rose and Diana. About an hour twenty-second I closed the laptop and went to sleep.


A day later:

Day and every day gets up in the morning no one and nothing it did not wake me something new. I leave the bedroom quiet no one is walk into the kitchen and there I see card with the words "we left for a few weeks to France, do not worry we'll buy you anything you wanted to say but wybuchłeś for us. We had a ticket for you, but we took Kate pa" signed Rose and Diana . What a bitch ki bottomless hate them. At least I have peace of mind. I'm going to get dressed and leave the house and go quickly to the town something to eat and go to work the way I met my ex-best friend at the same time he was alone or Jake walked me to work.I went to the office. There was no secretary boss went to France. What do I do. I sat in a comfortable chair, and I thought what Jake was doing here in the city and did not even asked. Immediately someone threw a rock through the window. I see James standing at the bottom and beckoning to me. Shows him to hand came up to me.

Hey baby


-With How did you know that I'm at work?

-Intuicja, And maybe you know where my sister? Because the next morning with your girlfriends and Kate

ran boarded in the car and drove towards the airport.

-m Left a letter that flew to France

France -For what?!

-No Were going with me, but yesterday sharply ponuciliśmy about you

-O Me? why

-One Me say that you express them

-A May want to break from us

-No I love you and no break will not be a matter of whether we accept it or not.

So James ran out of the office and went to dinner. car drove out of the city. We were at some'm known pub. We walked there and the waiter brought us a card with dishes. We ordered something small to eat. So I watched other people and I noticed Michael was sitting alone, and it was seen that it is sad. I called him to us is mounted. Came:

Hey Michael


sadly replied,

What happened?

- Lost work

O sorry

We ate lunch together. Michael Odwieźliśmy home. James drove us to my house.

-Someone Is with you?

-No Girls came out

-It's Great you know what I want

-oj I also have the same desire We ran into the house. He began to undress me. He put me on the couch. I had played and I broke up with him clothes. We were so excited him. And suddenly the doorbell quickly jumped into his pants dressed James further open look my brother stands

-What Are you doing here

-Poszukuję Rose

-And This is your dear girl did not tell you I went myself with Diana and Kate to France

-No But what to France

Yeah argued with them and the next day was just a letter that come back in a few weeks.

-Well, I'm going good.

James was bad that we could not do it by my brother. Nightmare.

-James Staying the night?

-Chętnie, Have some drinks or something to draw?

-I Wine and after that you are taking drugs?

Yeah surprise you?



-Because You did not tell me about it.

-No Was when

This clear my boyfriend and drugs.

-You Have something with you

Yeah, what would you only want

About kuźwa squared it wants to take because he wants to be with him? Oh yes it is beautiful do it this pleasure.

-And What you in particular?

-No Know everything


Yeah you

-Not Too strong

Szlugi -Yyy maybe?

And so -Chętnie

-How You see it burn


I pulled out a couple of times and the whole finished. James was perfect. I was strangely excited I began to grope him everywhere. After the chest was so beautiful muscles can be seen that he was sweaty and I like sweating and muscular guys could not stop he went to lie down and I lay on it and after a while I fell asleep.

I woke up at 4:20 I was all sleepy, I went to the kitchen, take the opportunity and searched the things James. Open pocket Siata look great drug for hens * and to the square. Jesus stands up. Quickly hide and go to the kitchen.

Hey -O

Hey and you grzebałeś me things

-I Do not come on me I would not do something like this

-Am It's good you're back to bed ??

Yeah, right

I had to lie to him because he would know how to broke up with me. Walk into a room look he lies naked I do not want too much for one night nightmare what I tell him.

-as you are already demolished then you know what to do

-as you wish

Has he never ceases to shock farther we went to sleep


Look no one is in bed. I'm going to the kitchen, there is no walk into the bathroom to look is in the shower. She smiles at me.

We're going into the shower with me?


I downloaded the boxers entered together into the shower started to kiss me on the mouth at once more deepened the kiss. I started to cuddle him. After a shower wiped with a towel. I went to get dressed and James did not know what he was doing. It was Saturday. As every Saturday, I went to my psychotherapist Sue. Sue is a fun, funny, and she needed more of a demon psychotherapist. I go there from 13-years-old. Everyone hated me, insulted, and now I do not have these problems, but argued with the only people I love and I do not have anyone apart from my boyfriend. I quit school when no one challenges me. I love this life but once I'm going to go back to college.


The second chapter soon.

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~ Amber & James

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Chapter II

James came to get me to the hospital to pick me up

- Hey Lucas.

- Hi James.

- How are you better?

- So far what you did as I was not there?

- I have worked and others did not know. I just know that my sister was on the night with you for two whole weeks.

- Aham

All the time I think about what he has to say James. What can he walk? I'll ask him later. All the time I can not break away from his eyes. There is a zaje * Original size. We get into the car. He put the key into the ignition. He turned on the radio. The radio was coming zaje * Original size rock sound suspect that this White Mystery.

We're going all the time without saying a word only music in the car. We're here. I get off and James goes up for me to ask him

- And that's what you told me that in his time to find out something about you that what you meant?

- In time you will learn handsome.

He said to me I'm all wet handsome already in these places. We go home and we all come running to hug me.

-as well're back I'm going to do all the kitchen coffee.

James sits nearby me and embrace me I looked at him and he says

- I'm sorry.

-Don't Further include me.

Rose brought coffee. We drank them. James and Kate went to the house and the three of us and has played in the state of the city was at 19:30 we started watching tv after three hours of watching I was tired and went to sleep

The next day:

Rose woke me cry. Quickly I got up I go to the bathroom and Rose is naked on the ground and laughs. speech:

-what happened?

-no I got out of the bath and slipped in and out of fear I screamed and as I lay there, I started to laugh because I fell.

-Jesus Know how scared me. Good Comp is I'm going to brew coffee

- And you're not going to work?

I -not release week yet

s I'm going on 15 so we'll hang

Rose -nu further bathed and I was hot coffee. Diana stood up and came into the kitchen and sat down on a chair paczyła for me. speech:

- What so paczysz?

-ja miss Kate

- But it was not just one night

-to terribly long night was

- Aham

I still think James what he meant with that you will learn in his time once the doorbell in the doorway facing the courier and waiting for a signature. About a chit for Lucas, Rose, and Diana from James to sweeten the day gave us chocolate muffins ate them coffee .Rose gathered to work and Diana was off watching all 4 seasons Another. Up to 18 .Przyszła Rose and her became Kate and Diana began to shout greeted with joy and went into the room and sat down in front of my new laptop listening to Marina and The Diamond .Wszedłem on Facebook and started writing with James wrote about everything and nothing at the end again I asked him a question about it and he wrote that tomorrow will tell me everything I said goodbye to him and went to sleep the whole night I could not sleep and I thought about James so I wrote on Twitter how he imaginary wonderful, beautiful and mysterious at 4:40 and woke clouded at 12:00 someone knocks on the door I get up and go sleepy open and standing there shirtless boxers James I to say wejdź.Jest hot summer not surprised that he is without a shirt as I saw him I had erections which was visible for James because I was on underwear. I came to invite photo on dinner.

-oh thanks rot dress

- Insert pants and walk

- Well as punish beautiful

I dressed the same shorts and flip-flops tuple closed the door and went to the center of the restaurant. We ordered dinner eat I finally gathered up the courage and asked him if we will be together and he said you really say that?

- Well, yes

-How So then it is time. Do you want to know?


-So Well as start I'm not with anyone I was kissing sharply piep ** e, I make cane. I do not know how to love.

- It is understandable for me.

- How do you accept it or we will be together as if

- That?

-ja I'll be your master and you are my submissive


- So it's with you that I do what he wants as he wants and when he wants and you have as you agree to all have a choice we can no longer meet disappear from your life or be with tuba for a trial period and then to the rest of your life or to terminate the contract so how?

The shock of what it is have? Pan? What's this about what to do or not to agree to such a nice handsome boy I do not know, I agree

- So I agree to a trial period.

Somehow now I feel with him. The atmosphere is napięta.Jemy dinner in silence.

Jumped to consume a meal. All the time without a word. James asks me:

-Come For dessert?


He took me two blocks away from the gallery "Awen". I see before me wieli inscription ICE. We went to the ice cream shop.

-What You want to taste?

- Same as you, of course, James

-Fine So 3 scoops of cherry, apricot and berries


James ordered ice cream and walked towards my house. I let a note of One Direction. And so we came home.

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Chapter I

I'm all sleepy. I get up and go to the bathroom. Closed. Kuźwa squared. 
- Rose, get out of the bathroom! 
- No! I wash my head! 
- For work to be late because of you. 
- You're in the kitchen tap - coming to me her quiet statement. 
Yhhhh. Since the beginning of the day I'm out of luck. Rose finally comes out of the bathroom. 
- Thank you - derisively straining through his teeth. - You know, I'm late for work ... 
- Not at all vulnerabilities, calm down - smiling, but I have a feeling that mocks me. 
- Okay. 
  Quickly I washed and dressed. Run out of the house, get in the car and drive to work. I am under the building. I take a deep breath and enter. 
- Good morning, Mr. Styles, I'm late again - on the threshold of hear attack the boss. 
- I'm sorry! - I say humbly but firmly. - Do not let me relieve - I add a very soft voice. - That was the last time. 

- Well, I think. Again and I'll have you fired. 
- Well, no more do not be late, 
- To work! 
I came from the boss. I am angry at Rose. Strange. Where is Diana? Today was to be the first day on the job. I'm calling to her. 
- Hey, where are you? Today we have the first day of practice. 
- Oh, I forgot validating quietly. 
- Where are you? - Asks. 
- Me? In Kate. 
- In whom? Who is it? 
- My new girlfriend - she said proudly, and she said - very pretty. He has a brother a gay man who is a businessman and is intimidating - constantly chattering. 
- And, is not interested in. 
- TSAA, bright - mocked me. 
- Koooończęęęę. Pa. 
Again, to explain the boss of her absence. I used to kill her. I walk into his office. Kuźwa squared. The computer does not work ?! There is no current ?! 
I'm going down to the boss. I knock. 
- Please! 
- I'm sorry, but the building has no electricity. 
- No, no, oh you wise - the head mutters under his breath. - We know it's been more than two godzin- responds with anger in his voice - By the way, where's your friend? 
- Yyyyy ... Diana? It is sick. He has a fever - I lied without batting an eye. 
- Oh. How not appear tomorrow, please tell her not to come - he said sharply. 
- Well, tomorrow will surely be - meekly promised Zadi. - And as there is no electricity, what do we do? 
- Lord, give me a break. Go home and do not upset me. Goodbye. - Such a response is not expected. 
It might not be the worst day, I thought. Certainly the last time you lied, that Diana is sick. Next time I will say that I did not want her and forgot. All annoyed me. I'm going home. I am in front of the block, ask a man who parked next to me: 
- I'm sorry that today? 
- February 24 - replied, and I mentally added, is said to -24 in February. 
O Jesus! Today is my birthday. I forgot about them! That's why the boss fired me ?! It is a pity that no one remembers my birthday. Nightmare. I'm going home, silence. No one there. I'm calling: 
- Rose, Diana, are you? 
There's no answer, I go to my bedroom. Where all blew? I walk into the living room, and here we all jump at once. Lucas Surprise! 
- We have for you a cake and gifts. 
- Rose, Diana, thank you. And these two guys do not know. Who is it? 
- This is Kate. 
- Nice to meet you. You're the girl of Diana? 
- Yes, and this is my brother James Cooper. 
- Hi. 
- Hey. 
Oh My God. But he's cute. I can not stand. Diana was saying something that he is gay. But this is my best day of your life. 
- I'm James Cooper - the freedom held out my hand towards manicured nails nicely coated with clear varnish shining. 
- I- Lucas Styles. 
- How old are you, I mean ... how old are you? 
- 31, and you? 
- 25, today I finish, so I guess now 26. 
Oh my God! Only six years old, and such a nice. 
- It presents !! 
-Diana quietly 
- I'll go first. 
- What is it? - I ask, holding a small device. 
- Laptop. 
- Jesus, how much it cost? - I ask, even though I know it's very inconsiderate. 
- Oh, you know, just two years I collected him. So I bought it myself - chattered Diana. 
- Thank you, I dreamed about it - whispering touched. 
- It is now from me-she asked as five-year-Rose. Already in the hands holding a small object. 
Rose gives me the car keys 
- You're kidding ?! 
- Do not. Come on down! Everyone! - Already screaming from behind the door. 
When we go into the yard yelling: aaaaaaaaaa, but beautiful. But what about you? I can not accept this. 
- You can. 
- Jesus, if you wykosztowałaś at him? 
- But she did not buy it. Have made a Michaell, James and Kate. 
- Thank you, it is excellent -Voice I trembled. Really shrugged. 
I got a light blue convertible. In the middle of the leather. Just gorgeous. 
A day later. 
Alarm clock wakes me up. I'm sleepy. I get up. I can see how James drunk sleeping on the couch. I have a slight hangover. I'm going to wake up James, I ask, if I do not want to put my bed. 
  - James? Lie on my bed, you'll be comfortable. 
- With you? We are happy! - Tempting, but it's still alcohol spoke through him. 
- No, I do breakfast. 
- Oh, all right. 
James to the bedroom, and I to the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone. Italian salad and toast. I'm going to wake up the rest. I enter the room. Impossible! Rose lay in bed my brother Darren. I'm beginning to shout: 
-Aaaaaaaaa ... 
Rose jumps out of bed naked. 
  - What does that mean Rose ?! With my brother, really? 
- You know, Lucas, do not be alarmed ... 
- Do not get nervous, but could you tell me that you are together - really feels cheated. - Bundle up! Wake Diana and Kate, because somehow strangely hug. 
  Yh. I'm going to the kitchen. How could they? And me and James? What happened last night? And as I did with him? Well, at the end of my birthday - quickly absolved. Enquiries to him in private. Okay. I am calling everyone to breakfast James comes first, once I take the opportunity and I ask him: 
'James? Are we in the night together ... 
- I do not - immediately guessed and denied. Does this mean that there never? 
- Which is good, because I thought ... - I hope that did not sound too aggressively. - What do you want to eat? 
  For a moment everyone takes what he wants from the table. I am going to James' room 
What are you watching? 
-Any Nonsense! - With boredom deliciously purrs. 
- Does this afternoon we will meet together for coffee? 
- Yes, very willingly. 
Sixteenth both of us to answer. 
Come to us girls. 
- Hey, where Michael? - Only now I notice its absence. 
- He went home at night. 
- He could be? - I still can not believe you left us. 
- Do not. Something had to urgently settle. 
- Oh - I guess it does not feel good for me. - And where is my dear brother? - I ask still a little angry for this story with my friend? 
- In the toilet, washes. 
- Oh, Darren rush hour I go to work - I urge him not very nice. 
- Okay. 
Darren came out, I washed up and drove my new car for work 
Good morning! - Singsong voice greeted with a bodyguard. 
Good morning, Lucas, how was your birthday? - He asked. 
-A Well, I have a new laptop and a new car - enjoyed as a child.
-Wow, It's cool, I invite you to work 
I'm going. I'm at the door, cross the threshold and dubbing my eyes: new desk, new equipment, as nicely here, I'll thank the boss. Today is Friday. Diana has a job on the twelfth, may come. Comes in, greets the boss. 
- Hello, I'm Diana Malik, I would like to hire a dystrybutorka calls. 
-Aha, So yes ... ma'am data ... 
Diana served personalities, and I did not do anything. Day and every day. I left work at 15:30 in front of me coffee with James. I promptly at 16 already waiting for me. 
- Hi, how was your day? - Really curious asks. 
We order coffee. 
-Tell Me something about yourself - please. 
- I live alone since I was sixteen. My mother was an alcoholic, and his father died when I was seven years old. Now I run erotic club for all people. - Gloomy threw out dark past. - Your turn. 
-Fine, My mom had four husbands, my dad died in an accident when my mother was six months pregnant. Then I was looking for this one, I replaced my dad Rob - my mother's first husband. That's it. 
- And where did you meet Diana and Rose? 
-Dianę Know the age of five and rose from sixth grade. 
- So Diana persecuted at school, so she went with her mother to Italy, there was a couple of months, then returned to England and Diana went to another school and there she met Diana Rose then introduced me to Rose and so then we kept together until today and your friends? 
-ja I had no friends, oppressed me, I did not go to school, insulted me and beat until I could not stand, I started freaking out and I ended up in a psychiatric hospital. I spent the best two years of your life. I loved those people, they respect me, it was beautiful. Then I went out, year lived with her mother, finally moved out. 
I'm sorry. 
  It connects us so much. We are made ​​for each other. 
- Is there a chance we could be together? - Timidly asking. 
- No, unfortunately I can not know the whole truth. 
- What? 
- I do not want to talk about it. 
- James, kiss me - I said, surprising myself also. 
- Yes, but it will mean nothing, right? 
I kissed him for a long moment. It was wonderful, suddenly something happened, someone turned off the light. 
I opened my eyes, suddenly woke up in the hospital with me was Rose, Diana and James. 
- What happened? 
- Fainted. 
- You were with me on coffee, remember? 
Rose and Diana went into the hall, and James told me that soon I will explain everything. Then we'll see.


The school was my biggest nuisance. I hated her. When I was in the sixth grade of elementary school, I discovered your orientation. Hiding flaunt her. At the end of primary school kilkorgu I said to people that I am a homosexual, in other words, gay. I lost many friends. I had almost none only two best friends. 
After completing primary school, I went to the worst high school in the city. Without friends, and nobody I knew. I hated this school, it was ugly and disgusting. Full handsome and filthy at the same time the boys. Every girl and gay knows what kind of guys they are. So the first three months were peaceful, but a lot of people are not stupid and know how to recognize the appearance, character and behavior. Everything is issued. The whole school talked about it. I was humiliated at all, no one hated me, but with the exception of one boy, whose name was Dan. Simple, ordinary teenager, even appealing. Today I am 25 years old, my name is Lucas. They tell me Luka.